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Herbalife Cookbook Volume 1

Herbalife Cookbook Volume 1

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Go on a culinary journey through Europe and Africa with Herbalife Nutrition and experience delicious treats! This cookbook is inspired by the love for our products, healthy nutrition, joie de vivre and colorful diversity. The recipes give your meals even more pizzazz and you experience Herbalife Nutrition products in a whole new way! Prepare these meals together at home with family and friends.

The cookbook shows ways of integrating products into everyday nutrition. A variety of different flavors offers a diverse selection. The easy-to-understand recipes are suitable for everyone. For each recipe, the nutritional information is given precisely per serving. The recipes, which are specially tailored to Herbalife Nutrition products, support you in supplying your body with the most important macro and micronutrients. Many recipes require only a few ingredients, can be prepared quickly and are still delicious. Vegetarian and vegan recipes are clearly marked as such. Many recipes can be prepared well in advance and thus save time in everyday life. The cookbook also contains recipes for high-protein snacks, which ensure a balanced diet when you are out and about.

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